Cannamed high quality medical Cannabis Seeds

Research based medical Seeds

Cannabis is used as a very powerful medicine plant in the world. Understanding and sequencing the many strains of cannabis is the foundation of our research program to develop the best medical genetic for patients. Peace of body and mind with the help of Cannamed.

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Purity & Safety

We anaylize the cannabinoid- and terpenoid-profiles of our strains constantly and use the latest studies and internal testings to guide our breeding strategies. We apply the cannabis- and cannabinoid-research in many different ways to deliver the most appropriate medicine for your needs. We gather feedback and utilize the collective experience to further improve the genetics of our products.

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advanced medical Cannabis-Genetics

Our 4 head breeders are experienced experts in the field of cannabis genetics and are developing medical cannabis–strains for more than 15 years. The strains are exclusive to Cannamed and our special partners, providing you with the finest medical seed-selection in the world. Our hybrids and pure strains are regularly analysed and will target symptoms more than ever before. We use the latest studies and internal testings to guide breeding strategies.